Cracey Corner Interview: Brendan Holm

Cracey Corner Interview: Brendan Holme

Brendan Holm is a Vancouver Island based musician currently involved in eight eclectic musical projects ranging from children’s music to electronic to jazz. As of recent, Brendan has become a pseudo-resident carpenter for the house, helping Ray with a camera crane, me with a folding sign, the backyard with an outdoor stage and rigging the basement pipes from falling off the roof. Today I sat down with Brendan to discuss CraceMountain, music and spirit vegetables.

Do you remember your first time to Crace△Mountain? If so, how did it come about and what did you think?

The first time I set foot in Crace Mountain was in the spring of 2012. I was filling in for Ah. Venice for my first time, which I later played many more show’s with. The feeling I got at my first show was curious, inspired and thankful, thankful that people can rock in the world.

What is your musical background?

My Dad liked to rock all kinds of classic rock, and some crazy celtic bands. So the first instrument I tried to learn was the fiddle, which only lasted for about 4 months somewhere around the age of 6. After that was piano for a long time, many classical tunes. Then in Grade 7, I spotted the drums, and didn’t look to far back after that. Mostly listened to Rock and Roll after that, but also played in some Reggae bands and stuff. After flailing around after highschool for a while, I went to VIU to study jazz. Jazz was good for two years, but had to get to playing some shows.

How many bands do you play with?

Ummmmm, bands that I play with at the moment? or bands that I played with? Here are the bands that I play with now. Top Men. Bananafish Dance Orchestra. Mythical Creatures Unite. Noose Tree:The Hanged Man. Sport of Kings. The Kerplunks. Ah. Venice.

What song do you have in your head right now?

Ed is a Portal, by Akron Family

Three albums on a desert island, what are they?

1. Strange Meeting by Bill Frisell
2. Sex Change by Trans Am
3. Music for 18 Musicians by Steve Reich

Cats or dogs?


Spirit Vegetable? Spirit Fruit? Spirit color? Spirit Pattern? Spirit Smell?
Carrot, pear, red, paisley, cedar.

Do you have any upcoming shows?

Heading out on a 10 day tour with The Kerplunks. When I get back from that at the end of Oct. Im sure there will be lots of Halloween show’s, my favorite! Then Nov. 1st Top Men is playing at Fascinating Rhythm’s 25th anniversary!! Also at Psych Fest (Nov 16th) with Sport of Kings.

Describe Crace△Mountain in three words?


Support Brendan and his creative musical talents (and local music) by attending any of the above listed shows, and don’t forget to come in costume to Crace△Mountains 3rd Annual Halloween Monster Mash this Thursday!

Jupiter Moons



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