Crace△Mountain Presents Circus Burlesque And Other Delights…

Ladies and Gentlemen, Children of all Ages. Ever seen a three tity lizard? How about a monkey shedding its skin? Come one, come all to the most extravagant extravagancy the human eye can behold. For all you freaks and pickled punks, a bizarre evening awaits you…

Only the world’s finest bally broads and bally gents will be performing their sexiest for your ghastly entertainment. This Flea Bag show will feature burlesque dancers, live local music, ferocious felines, jugglers, acrobats, all dressed in full regalia for the audience’s sick pleasure.

The ringmaster is inviting you to dress in your finest finery for this delightful twilight:
12 alplahas at the door or 10 alplahas if your are embellished

The most alluring costumes will win a free drink. Don’t make the ringmaster crack his whip now you hear…

Doors will reveal at 8pm and the greatest show on earth will begin at 9pm

Enquire if you so desire:

Most performances will be amateur, but don’t let that stick your nose up in the air, we guarantee a night you will remember.

Circus Burlesque Poster

Circus Burlesque Poster


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