Crace△Mountain’s Theatre Production

Here is a glimpse of the shenanigans that Crace Mountain hosted during our Circus Burlesque and Other Delights event. We were extremely pleased with the enthusiasm and support, it seems Nanaimo is in dire need of more interactive entertainment? Hold on to your top hats ladies and gentlemen, there is more where that came from…

945427_680725878634095_1610246475_n 1470005_680416981998318_1171358992_n 5201_680725525300797_782526193_n 1478972_680734958633187_1952785283_n 1480714_680726005300749_1725998975_n 1480734_680417201998296_536823183_n 1501786_680420068664676_764619108_n 1504952_680416915331658_40974974_n 1505029_680725305300819_1812657606_n 1508024_680725231967493_658790150_n 1512659_680725191967497_2121063569_n 1513213_680725181967498_1829533056_n 1517462_680416755331674_380454415_n 1525178_680725428634140_1714492281_n 1526518_680417091998307_930748366_n 1526670_680726435300706_15517548_n 1526803_680726281967388_312266301_n 1526943_680417225331627_340191915_n 1528626_680420208664662_522709004_n 1530371_680726051967411_1950427987_n 1536608_680725581967458_1391876640_n 1538783_680735431966473_595733514_n


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