Crace△Mountain Productions Presents Fairyesque

Calling all servants, yeomen, freemen, peasants, nobles and knights, princes and princess’, Kings and Queens of all decedents. We are also welcoming those of elves, goblins, trolls, giants, dragons, gnomes and bogeyman ancestry. A night of enchanted disbelief of the bizarre awaits the wicked. 

You are cordially invited to Crace△Mountain’s Theatre Production of Fairyesque. Fables, folktales, and of course fairytales that will be enchanting the howls of burlesque. Bring your crystal balls, hump backs and dreams. 

This Grimm production will feature burlesque performances, live music, beasts and beauties as well as a cauldron full of magic potion to bewitch in.

The big bad wolf is inviting you to once again to dress in your finest mystical and mythical finery. 

12 gold shillings with a costume, 15 silver shillings without. Doors open at 8, the mesmerizing land of tales begins at 10.

The lionesses are still accepting auditions. So don’t hesitate, join us down the rabbit hole.

Fairytale Burlesque Poster


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