Fairytale Burlesque

CraceMountain’s Fairytale Burlesque, on March 15th at The Cambie went exceptionally well darlings. There was fairies, goblins, tits and insanity. A special thank you to Will Hills, Nevin Teapotta, Denisa OK, Doug Mundell, Bob Brown, Carly and all performers! We couldn’t have pulled this side show off with out you guys.

Love Preacher Katie and Jupiter Moons

Heres some footage from the event. Try not to get too frisky…

1530351_10152281074143839_316815192_n 1891279_10152281068503839_519615713_n 1926750_10152281073813839_1194423676_n 1932489_10152281073653839_1315332392_n 1959341_10152281072113839_1285335012_n 1975088_10152281076093839_928030571_n 1977134_10152281072988839_1443043681_n 10001278_10152281072348839_938605595_n 10001383_10152281072313839_2110714607_n 10001405_10152281076973839_1792059605_n 10011397_10152281074688839_497421347_n1070110_10152281069193839_1645550818_n   1004852_10152281075993839_466741264_n1239633_726417600731589_1759342261_n 1506973_726417724064910_576380342_n 1507860_726417190731630_2146117698_n 1920017_726417437398272_36168546_n 1920239_726417470731602_782530082_n 1970900_726417167398299_744257400_n


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