Crace△Mountain Productions Presents Film Noir Vaudeville



Attention femme fatales with elegant wit and alcoholic men with fedoras, the smoke shows are hosting another Crace△Mountain Production. These deep-chain smoking baritone dames are skipping town ya scum buckets, THIS PAGENT WILL BE OUR LAST. So come pour yourself some hooch and leave your slugs and roscoe’s at home.

There will be bleak subject matter and a somber downbeat tone. Dark and claustrophobic alleyways of street lampposts will linger through your twisted imagination. We invite you cats and kittens to only dress in black and white equipped with brimmed hats, shades to hide your crook eyes, gloves to hide your finger prints and your weapon of choice all while smoking a cigarette.

We will be featuring burlesque performances, spoken word, light shows, smoky skits, rounded tits, murder, private detectives and mystery of course.

During intermission we will have a noir noise display full of unusual, mysterious misters dressed in trench coats.

12 cabbages if you’re dressed in stylish black and white attire.
15 cabbages if you are a drag.

Doors open at 8pm, the thrill commences at 9pm locked and loaded.

If you are hoping to show your goods, message the dames while spots are still available.

Thursday, May 1st, 2014 @ The Cambie in Nanaimo

Film Noir Poster


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