Crace△Mountain’s Suggested Radio

Crace△Mountain outlet their vast amount of music on the airwaves of local community radio CHLY 101.7FM. You can catch The Sister Act, which is a sister-sister production done by the Gilrays every Thursday from 5pm-7pm. If you do not live in the area then you can always listen online for their live show or download their podcasts which hopefully are up-to-date…lazy sisters.

The following day after is the The Huge Explosion featuring transient random noise bursts w/ announcements and an eclectic rock mix. Every 3 – 5 PM Fridays on CHLY 101.7FM.

BMIR which is Burningman’s Information Radio not only plays during the event but is also available for online listening all year. Preacher Katie of Crace△Mountain performed a radio show representing local Canadian underground music this year at BMIR on the Playa

A Weird Canada based production called Debaser, which is performed by Rocky LaLune is an eclectic intake on indie music. You can catch her show on CKCU 93.1 in Ottawa, every Tuesdays from 2-3pm.

Sister Act Logo


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