Crace△Mountain Presents Freak Heat Waves, Iceberg Ferg, The Massless and Big Jesus Trash Can

On Wednesday, June 11, come on down to stink town for…

Freak Heat Waves (
Big Jesus Trash Can (
Iceberg Ferg (
The Massless (

Suggested 10$ Donation


Crace△Mountain Productions Presents Film Noir Vaudeville



Attention femme fatales with elegant wit and alcoholic men with fedoras, the smoke shows are hosting another Crace△Mountain Production. These deep-chain smoking baritone dames are skipping town ya scum buckets, THIS PAGENT WILL BE OUR LAST. So come pour yourself some hooch and leave your slugs and roscoe’s at home.

There will be bleak subject matter and a somber downbeat tone. Dark and claustrophobic alleyways of street lampposts will linger through your twisted imagination. We invite you cats and kittens to only dress in black and white equipped with brimmed hats, shades to hide your crook eyes, gloves to hide your finger prints and your weapon of choice all while smoking a cigarette.

We will be featuring burlesque performances, spoken word, light shows, smoky skits, rounded tits, murder, private detectives and mystery of course.

During intermission we will have a noir noise display full of unusual, mysterious misters dressed in trench coats.

12 cabbages if you’re dressed in stylish black and white attire.
15 cabbages if you are a drag.

Doors open at 8pm, the thrill commences at 9pm locked and loaded.

If you are hoping to show your goods, message the dames while spots are still available.

Thursday, May 1st, 2014 @ The Cambie in Nanaimo

Film Noir Poster

Fairytale Burlesque

CraceMountain’s Fairytale Burlesque, on March 15th at The Cambie went exceptionally well darlings. There was fairies, goblins, tits and insanity. A special thank you to Will Hills, Nevin Teapotta, Denisa OK, Doug Mundell, Bob Brown, Carly and all performers! We couldn’t have pulled this side show off with out you guys.

Love Preacher Katie and Jupiter Moons

Heres some footage from the event. Try not to get too frisky…

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Crace Face Interview: Doug Mundell

Few can say they frequented the Crace abode before it was CraceMountain as you know it today. One of those few is CraceMountain resident Doug Mundell. Drifting from Albertas prairies onto the island he now calls home, Doug has been a familiar name and face in Nanaimo’s underground scene for over a decade. Most recently Mundell has rigorously taken up an old hobby of oil painting through a new series of colorful abstracts which combine various self taught techniques and studies. Doug talks with me about community, life at Crace and his latest art endeavours.

Doug Mundell
Doug Mundell in his studio (photo by Jupiter Moons).

Hi. Who are you?

I’m DD (Dad/Doug), a friend when you need one, a social loner, romantic, 8, passionate, caring and a dreamer.

Do you remember your first time to CraceMountain? If so, what was it like?
First time at CraceMountain was a work party before any shows here. I arrived late but still got one of Lindsey’s burgers cooked over an open fire in the back yard. It was excellent!

Now you live at CraceMountain. What’s that like?
Living at Crace is great. I have the best roomates in the world. I really mean that! I think people get the wrong impression of our home: it’s often so quiet you would think no one was home.

How many fingers am I holding up?
2 (peace)

Three albums on a desert island, what are they?
Very tough one but:
– Neutral Milk Hotel (self titled-the CraceMountain album)
Mountain Goats- Tallahassee
– Some hip hop to dance to Macromatics

What is your power color?
Blue (Mom always said it was my colour)

What’s your favorite book and why?
Crime and Punishment. Even good people can do evil!

Which album are you listening to most right now?
Coal Moon! Love it. Please release it on cd guys!

What’s your last meal, ever?
Alaskan King Crab legs, blackened prawns, caesar salad (mine), Greek salad, pita, hummus, and maybe some basmati rice. Cheese cake for desert!

What is the meaning of life?
I don’t think there is a grand purpose or “meaning” but I know we shouldn’t waste it on trivial pursuits. This is not a rehearsal!

Tell us a joke.
Why did the chicken cross the road? She doesn’t know! She’s just a fucking chicken.

One piece of advice for the world?
Build community. Look back at our ancestors way of life. They had some things figured out. They had community. We need to take care of each other. The idea of “nation states” is a recent construct designed to serve the ruling class, which includes no one you know.

What’s next on your list?
More art. We all need more art in our lives.

You’re having an art opening soon! Can you give us some insight into these paintings?
The official opening is March 8th. The Meatdraw show! As far as where the paintings come from…they’re all from different places with different inspirations. ie the self portrait is based on a photo that Katie took… Meese is also inspiring to me.

Be sure to come and check out Doug’s artwork at Crace△Mountain on March 8th (see link below) where he will be sharing his new series of abstract paintings in your favorite cold basement along with performances from Meatdraw, Himilayan Bear and Cleopatra&Nile, or perhaps at the Coal Moon/Colliding Canyons/Wand show at The Vault Cafe tonight!

CraceMountain March 8/2014 show:

Jupiter Moons