!Merry Happy 4th Birthday Crace△Mountain!

Crace△Mountain has been providing ol’ crime-o with 4 beauteous years of shenanigans… and now we want to party more about it. In case you didn’t know, Crace has expanded, we now own two houses, side by side. Twin Peaks.

We are going to have a double lot GARAGE SALAD! We have been spring cleaning, thus we will be selling all sorts of shit including records, clothing, cat litter, platypuses, garden gnomes covered in 1000 island dressing and a plethora of arbitrary treasures.

PLUS we will be BBQing hot dogs and burgers for 5 bones!
AND we will have live music through out the day on our new outdoor stage.

Numerous local bands will delight your disgusting ear drums with the sounds of horse dung. Bands to be announced…

Thank you everyone who has supported us through out the years, this is for you.


The Backhomes & HUSH PUP @ Crace△Mountain

This March 20th The Backhomes (Victoria) and Hush Pup (Toronto) team up for a Spring Break tour of western Canada. Hush Pup will be promoting their latest cassette release “Waterwings” out on Shake! and Legwarmer Records. and The Backhomes will be testing out new songs from their upcoming release “Tidalwave” out May 2015.

The Backhomes (http://thebackhomes.com/)

Hush Pup (http://hushpup.bandcamp.com/)